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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

Dyslexia In Alaska

If you live in Alaska and know – or suspect – that your child has dyslexia, you will find below average resources in your state. There is state-wide legislation designed to help children in Alaska with dyslexia, although there are no screening or intervention requirements for classroom teachers. There are 3 Certified Academic Language Therapists located in the state.

At Dyslexia on Demand, we offer intensive online dyslexia treatment in Alaska. Our philosophy is that every child, no matter where they are located, should have access to effective, proven dyslexia therapy.

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Alaska Dyslexia Tutoring vs. Dyslexia Therapy

Traditional dyslexia tutoring is not a comprehensive solution for helping your child thrive in their learning environment. Dyslexia therapy on the other hand, is an integrated, research-based program that guides your child through a multi-sensory program of explicit, systemic instruction for both reading and spelling. Dyslexia therapy results are carefully monitored and build on previous success to overcome the challenges that struggling readers face.

Although dyslexia therapy will not cure dyslexia, it will create new neural pathways in your child’s brain, empowering them to embrace reading and become life-long enthusiastic – and successful — learners.

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Your Child Deserves the Best Treatment for Dyslexia

With extensive training and education, Certified Academic Language Therapists are uniquely qualified to help your child overcome the challenges of dyslexia. Utilizing age-appropriate learning opportunities and one-on-one interventions, CALTs guide children through opportunities to understand and develop fluent reading comprehension.

Certified Academic Language Therapists:

  • Highly educated with at least a master’s degree
  • At least 700 clinical hours
  • Pass board certification test through the Academic Language Association
  • Certified by the Academic Language Therapy Association
  • Dedicated to ensuring the success of every child

At Dyslexia on Demand, our team is composed entirely of Certified Academic Language Therapists, who have more than 300 years of cumulative dyslexia therapy experience. Our philosophy is one day at a time, one letter at a time, one sound at a time and one child at a time.

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What To Expect From Dyslexia Therapy

An Individualized Treatment Plan

After an initial assessment, your child’s dyslexia treatment plan will be developed specifically for your child.

Regular Sessions

Your child will attend on-line sessions four times a week.

Private Sessions

Your child will access Dyslexia on Demand from home, where they will be free from the distractions that are regularly encountered at a tutoring center.

Research-Based Approach

Your child’s dyslexia therapist will use one of two Orton-Gillingham programs: Take Flight, which was created by the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for children or Basic Language Skills, created by the Neuhaus Education Center.

Parental Involvement

Parents are an integral part of their child’s learning and development. As the parent of a child with dyslexia you will be instrumental in their success and at Dyslexia on Demand we will partner with you to help your child learn new ways to interact with the written word.

Dyslexia Treatment Available in Alaska

Throughout Alaska, Dyslexia on Demand’s services are available online through video conferencing. If you are ready to take the next step on your child’s journey to overcoming the challenge of dyslexia, contact us today and we will schedule a consultation.

Click on our interactive map to view a more in-depth look at specific legislation, intervention requirements, CALT training facilities, specific testing centers, and information on your state’s dyslexia resources.

All information has been derived from web searches as of December 2020, has not been paid for support, and has not directly followed up to ensure all phone numbers and email addresses are currently valid. The rating was created based on a criteria scale developed strictly from these web searches to compile state information for parents in an easily accessible manner.

Specific Learning Disabilities

The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) is a federal law that lists 13 conditions that make students eligible for special education. One of these is a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) of which dyslexia is one. In fact, the first line of the definition of dyslexia published through the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) states that dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurobiological in origin.

  • 01.
    Why Are They All Different?

    So, if IDEA, which is the main law that governs all Special Education is federal, how come we are concerned with how each individual state handles and addresses its own dyslexia assessment and intervention? That’s because the nation allows its own individual states to dictate these specifics. In fact, the Individuals with Disabilities Act is not specific enough to define dyslexia, nor does it dictate exactly how each state is supposed to address it. For this reason, many states have imparted extended rights and protections for their own students with dyslexia. State laws are more in-depth than what is specifically lined out for dyslexia in IDEA.

    But some states are doing a much better job at that than others. And regardless of how “progressive” some states are, they still have room to grow.

  • 02.
    My State’s Dyslexia Support Grade

    See how your state measures using our “grading guide.” This scale was created exclusively using rough criteria developed by Dyslexia On Demand in order to pit states’ progress against each other to assist parents in understanding the level of servicing and support they can expect from their home turf. Additionally, our intention is to motivate parents into taking a more lead role in their state’s dyslexia advocacy efforts once they see where their state stands.

  • 03.
    Our Dyslexia Support Grade Criteria

    When looking at rating criteria, the following 8 items were taken into consideration by Dyslexia On Demand:

    1. If the state has dyslexia legislation
    2. If the state has dyslexia screening requirements
    3. If the state requires some level of dyslexia training for its teachers prior to certification (pre-service)
    4. If the state requires some level of dyslexia training for its teachers for in-service yearly (in-service)
    5. If the state requires some level of specialized dyslexia intervention that is evidence-based
    6. If the state uses “Results Driven Accountability” as a way to measure literacy progress (statewide assessments, DIBELS, AIMSweb) to track and measure student success
    7. If the state has a published dyslexia handbook in order to help direct parents and schools in what to expect and how to govern their students
    8. The number of Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALT) available in the state (less than 100 in the entire state = NO Points), Over 100 in the entire state = 1 Point)
  • 04.
    State Dyslexia Support Grading System
    Number of Criteria
    Below Average
    Above Average

A Word From Our CEO

“I am passionate about changing lives of dyslexic children and educating the country about the importance of utilizing a CALT due to the differences in their levels of training and his/her access to therapeutic programs such as Take Flight and BLS.

Once the country understands what has been around for decades, and makes their use a priority, we can start making the true change that is needed for positive academic and emotional outcomes for these kids!”

– Megan


What Parents are Saying

Robyn S.
Robyn S.

“Damian was reading at a 3rd grade level in 8th grade. After completing the program with Ms. Pinchback, he finished high school and credits her with the fact that he graduated. He went on to college and was even awarded some scholarships. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Allison C.
Allison C.

“…As a parent, it can be so scary when you get a dyslexia diagnosis. I feel like she took my hand and has been walking through this journey WITH us.”

Joy K.
Joy K.

“We struggled with therapy in the public school system. She wasn’t making progress because there were too many kids and not enough attention on my daughter. Switching to Dyslexia on Demand has been a godsend. She is flourishing and her growth rate has been unbelievable.”

Years of Cumulative Dyslexia Therapy Experience
Number of Students Helped By Our Therapists
Percentage of U.S. Population Affected by Dyslexia
States with 10 or Fewer CALTS Registered

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