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Video Testimonials

August's mom shares how Dyslexia on Demand is helping her dyslexic son.

August’s Mom

Chris shares how Dyslexia on Demand has helped his daughter, Olivia, improve her reading and her confidence.


Ella shares how Dyslexia on Demand has improved her reading and helped her confidence in school


Melanie shares how Dyslexia on Demand helps dyslexic students by changing the way their brain processes reading.


Mom and daughter describe how Dyslexia On Demand has helped improve her confidence in the classroom - and her testing results!

Kylee & Kendall

A desperate mom looking for answers for her two dyslexic children found the Licensed Dyslexia Therapists at Dyslexia On Demand to be the perfect fit.

Mary W.

Bree describes the difference our virtual dyslexia therapy has made for her son!

Bree T.

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