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11 FAQs about Online Dyslexia Programs

Finding support for your neurodivergent child can be daunting when you consider the ramifications of that decision will have a dramatic impact on their future educational success. Here are 11 frequently asked questions about online dyslexia programs:

What is the difference between online dyslexia therapy and dyslexia tutoring? Dyslexia tutoring often utilizes prescriptive computer programs and occurs about once a week. In contrast dyslexia therapy leads students through research-based programs in the Orton-Gillingham tradition. Frequency for dyslexia therapy is more often than tutoring.

 How often are sessions scheduled? Sessions are frequent for dyslexia therapy. Students will often have online sessions about 4 times per week.

Who administers the online dyslexia program? CALTs! Certified Academic Language Therapists are specially trained professionals who help guide students through personalized programs of systematic instruction online for reading and writing.

Are online sessions one-on-one or in a group?  Dyslexia on Demand offers sessions that are either one-on-one with a CALT or in a small group session. Depending on your student and his or her needs, the best online learning environment for success can be determined.

What methods are used in these online programs? Dyslexia on Demand uses evidence-based methods to implement online dyslexia therapy. Take Flight is a highly researched, Orton-Gillingham based language therapy, and Basic Language Skills therapy is a comprehensive framework.

Do students need to be diagnosed with dyslexia to partake in these online dyslexia programs? In short, no. An official diagnosis is not required for students to seek help with this form of language learning. The approaches used in dyslexia therapy can be helpful for many struggling readers.

Can we schedule in-person sessions for dyslexia therapy? Dyslexia on Demand only offers online sessions for dyslexia therapy. It has been proven to be convenient and successful for our clients.

Do students see different therapists in their online sessions? One goal that Dyslexia on Demand has is to maintain consistency for clients. Students usually work only with one therapist, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Where can I get more information about Dyslexia on Demand? If you’re interested in online dyslexia programs, you can sign up to join an informational presentation that addresses our approach, principles, and philosophies. This is an opportunity for more Q&A!

Can I see how an online dyslexia lesson works? Absolutely! Dyslexia on Demand has a few examples of therapy sessions available for you to view online. Check out the multisensory approach in action, and see how students work one-on-one online.

How do I schedule online dyslexia therapy? Reach out to Dyslexia on Demand to see about starting an online dyslexia program. Call at 888-292-3906, or visit the contact page at:

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