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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

Dyslexia On Demand
Resource Guide for Parents

The following websites are a compilation of the most valuable resources for dyslexia-related education, advocacy, and laws.

  • 01.
    National Center on Improving Literacy

    The NCIL website is a partnership between literacy and research experts. Not only does it have several parental supports and factual information on dyslexia, but under the Schools and Districts tab, the NCIL reviews and educates on evidence-based reading intervention programs for children and clearly explains dyslexia screening tools needed for early dyslexia intervention. Under Tools and Resouces, there is a “State of Dyslexia” mouse-over map of current legislation in each state. Learn more at

  • 02.
    National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII)

    The NCII is another fabulous resource for educators, and subsequently, parents, when learning about Data-Based Instruction and Intervention. Under Tools and Charts, the NCII rates different progress monitoring, screening, and intervention tools used by schools. This is helpful for parents to understand the quality of what is being used in the schools. Learn more at

  • 03.

    A “clearinghouse-style” website detailing parent and student rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Section 504, advocacy training, and recent court rulings favoring students’ rights. The site is frequented by educational advocates and attorneys. Learn more at

  • 04.
    Council of Parents Advocates and Attorneys

    The Council of Parents Advocates and Attorneys is an amazing, often unknown, resource for parents to locate an educational advocate or attorney in their local area. Unfortunately, many parents need this level of support when advocating for their children in their local public schools. Dyslexia On Demand is a proud member and supporter of COPAA. Learn more at

  • 05.

    State laws and protections can vary significantly from state to state. This website maintains the most recent and pending dyslexia legislation by state and is extremely easy to use. Under Evidence-Based Info, there is a link to the What Works Clearinghouse which also reviews and presents research on evidence-based approaches for students. Learn more at

  • 06.
    Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA)

    An international organization providing the gold standard in credentialing dyslexia professionals as Certified Academic Language Therapists or Practitioners. Certified members are committed to delivering evidence-based intervention or therapy to individuals who have dyslexia and related learning disabilities. ALTA credentials represent the highest standard of excellence in their field. Dyslexia On Demand is a proud member and supporter of COPAA. ALTA is a resource to find the highest-level dyslexia professionals located in your area. Learn more at

  • 07.
    International Dyslexia Association (IDA)

    When a student is diagnosed with dyslexia, this is often a first stop for most parents. IDA not only is a support and professional organization for those impacted with dyslexia, but it also provides parents and educators with a large dyslexia digital library resource for free access. IDA is also a platform to connect dyslexia professionals and parents in your local area. Learn more at

  • 08.
    Early Literacy Matters

    This website directly explains the pitfalls that schools experience with the adoption of comprehensive literacy overhauls. It also summarizes state legislative efforts to overcome literacy blockages. Learn more at

  • 09.
    Take Flight Research Summary

    Dyslexia On Demand utilizes the Take Flight curriculum, created by the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Take Flight is an evidence-based, therapeutic program specifically targeted at creating neural pathways to retrain the dyslexic brain. Learn more at

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Robyn S.
Robyn S.

“Damian was reading at a 3rd grade level in 8th grade. After completing the program with Ms. Pinchback, he finished high school and credits her with the fact that he graduated. He went on to college and was even awarded some scholarships. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Allison C.
Allison C.

“…As a parent, it can be so scary when you get a dyslexia diagnosis. I feel like she took my hand and has been walking through this journey WITH us.”

Joy K.
Joy K.

“We struggled with therapy in the public school system. She wasn’t making progress because there were too many kids and not enough attention on my daughter. Switching to Dyslexia on Demand has been a godsend. She is flourishing and her growth rate has been unbelievable.”

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