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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

Make Summer a Success For Your Child

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Jump Start

Get Started with Therapy!

Does your child have suspected or diagnosed dyslexia? Get started with therapy! This program includes individualized dyslexia therapy led by a CALT for 4, 60-minute sessions per week. Get started in the summer and continue in the fall!

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Keep Going

Prevent the Summer Slide!

Is your child currently receiving dyslexia therapy in school? Prevent the summer slide by having your child meet with a CALT for virtual summer sessions. Our team will coordinate with your child’s school therapist to ensure summer progress and a smooth transition back to school.

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Literacy Lift

Boost Language Skills!

Does your child need a little extra reading support this summer? Boost language skills with 14 virtual sessions led by a CALT this summer for individualized instruction to ensure your child is ready for school in the fall.

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Enrollment Ends May 30, 2024 at 6 PM Eastern time

Summer Reading Programs

Learn More About Our Summer Reading Programs

Make the most out of summer with Dyslexia on Demand's Certified Academic Language Therapists and Structured Literacy Experts!

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