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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

“Tuck has formed such a special bond with his Dyslexia on Demand therapist – she sent him a gift for doing so well… he loves her to pieces.”

“Raine’s confidence has soared since she started with Kim. She actually does like to read aloud now! Raine has expressed to me that she feels so much more confident with her reading. I am so proud of Raine’s improvement with her reading and I know that is due to Kim’s incredible patience, knowledge, and creativity to make this work for Raine. She has truly met the student! But even beyond Raine’s academic achievements, what means the most to us as Raine’s parents is that for the first time in a long time Raine feels good about herself. She feels like she can tackle reading challenges and she actually WANTS to tackle those challenges. It means the world to us that Kim as her teacher/therapist has given her the gift of believing in herself! Thank you ladies for all that you do! Ms. Kim, you are the best!”

“We are having a wonderful experience with Jessica and the whole program. Emily actually looks forward to her class! She has asked me to take her to the bookstore twice which she has never done before, so I see this as a positive sign. She is reading more and becoming more self-confident. Again, I can’t say enough good things about Jessica and how much I appreciate the work you all are doing with Emily.”

“We absolutely LOVE Lisa!! She is amazing. Kiptyn is doing so well. He is reading everything, signs, ads, notes. For the past few years, he has been reading with me as a crutch, looking over his shoulder in case he did not know a word or stumbled over it. He was always apprehensive about reading by himself. Even though I did not read the words, if I was beside him, he felt secure. After being with Lisa, he still reads the hard books with me, but he has started reading anything he sees, not even asking me to check him. His independence and confidence are amazing. I had to work very hard for two years to build up his self-esteem after kindergarten, but I never could get him confident in reading.”

“I can’t thank you guys enough for everything you have done for me and Addison. I feel empowered going into these IEPs after talking to you, and we are so thankful we now know what REAL instruction looks like! And Addison even knows the difference between the instruction she’s getting from Taunya vs. the instruction she’s getting from her school, and she’s able to verbalize that and advocate for herself! Now she says, “I can barely read” and laughs because before it was, “I can’t read and won’t ever be able to read” and she’s still giving Taunya a run for her money every day but she’s starting to feel proud of herself and there is nothing more important in the world to us!”

“When Aaron began working with Dyslexia On Demand, his frustration level was very high. Now after 5 months, his confidence has soared. He is reading chapter books on his own and learning to spell with accuracy. Dyslexia on Demand has done wonders for his reading and spelling ability. I have loved watching his progress and seeing him make the connections between his lessons and his reading! I can’t wait to see what successes lie ahead for him!”

“Since starting Dyslexia on Demand we have seen big changes in Carson’s approach to learning. Ms. Patricia has not only invested in Carson’s learning but has taken the time to get to know who Carson is as a person. Carson never looked forward to learning like he does when he knows he gets to Zoom with Ms. Patricia. She makes him feel special and has built his confidence with her teachings along with genuinely caring about him. We’ve seen the positive changes that are occurring and can’t thank Dyslexia on Demand and Ms. Patricia enough for contributing to Carson’s success so far and to his future.”

“Thank you so much! I appreciate what you are doing for her more than you know. You are making a huge difference for her. You may not know this… Nora did Take Flight at school for 2 years without much progress. The school was planning on having her repeat Take Flight completely. The school called for a special education evaluation this year. Then she started DOD. She has made so much progress with DOD. She likes working with you too. I appreciate your gentle style with her. Thank you again for your positive impact on her.”

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