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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined


Location: Davis

Education: B.S

Years Experience Teaching: 5

Years Experience In Dyslexia: 1

Teaching Experience

4th grade Reading and Writing
2nd Grade Reading, Writing, Math and Science

Programs Trained In

Texas Scottish Rite for Children- Take Flight

Age Range You Feel Most Comfortable With:

Why did you decide to become a CALT?

I decided to become a CALT because I have a passion in helping students learn to read. When a student has dyslexia, the pathway to learning to read is different. I wanted to be the person that gives those students the freedom they long for when it comes to being able to read!

Favorite moment working with dyslexic students?

My favorite moment when working with students who have dyslexia is when the “slow drip” method of learning all comes together, and you can see the independent readers emerge out of the process.

Your goal when working with kids with dyslexia?

My goal when working with kids with dyslexia is for them to believe in themselves. I want them to have confidence in who they are and ultimately confidence in the readers they will become. I know this route for each child is significantly different. I have worked with students with many different types of learning disabilities or other health impairments and have the patience and empathy needed to help these students be successful.

Your teaching style, personality?

I love to build trustworthy relationships with students so that they can feel comfortable learning. With Take Flight, I stick to the “course” and follow the procedures diligently. This allows the program to become routine and predictable- which is the environment that these kids will thrive in!

Any family details?

I am married and have 2 kids-
Declan(age 3)
Holland(age 4)
I also have 2 dogs.
We love to spend time together outside!

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