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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

Constance Coffee

Location: Texas

Education: Doctor of Education (Educational Administration) – University of Texas A & M Commerce, Degree expected 2024 Master of Education (School Administration) – Southeastern Oklahoma State University, 2011 Bachelor of Science (Elementary Education) – Southeastern Oklahoma State University, 2004

Years Experience Teaching: 17

Years Experience In Dyslexia: 1

Teaching Experience

14 Years Public-Education Teacher (Special Education, 1st Grade, 5th Grade, Music)

8 Years College-Level Instructor

Southeastern Oklahoma State University: Education Program – Reading Diagnosis/ Language Arts/ Special Education

Grayson College: Communications, ESL, Citizenship

7 Years Virtual Instructor (Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Outschool, VIPKID)

Programs Trained In

Special Education: Grades EC through 12

Principal: Grades EC through 12

Classroom Teacher (Generalist): Grades EC through 4

English as a Second Language Supplemental: Grades EC through 12

CALT In Training: June 2022 – Certification Expected June 2024

Age Range You Feel Most Comfortable With:
Ages 4 through 12

Why did you decide to become a CALT?

I have seen this program produce huge successes in so many of my students’ lives. It not only has given them the skills to achieve within their academics, it also gives them the confidence to try different methods to reach their goals. I am so excited to be able to blend my teaching experience with this wonderful program to help your child achieve his/ her personal goals.

Favorite moment working with dyslexic students?

One of my favorite moments was when I had a first-grade student go from entering my classroom with a history of behavior problems to a stellar student with the confidence to learn at his own level. This program provided him with the fundamental skills to progress at his own instructional learning level with the confidence to try different methods throughout our reading journey. My most memorable moment with this student was when he independently read a Level C Reader. He hadn’t even known his letter names and sounds when he first entered my classroom. The look on his face and the sense accomplishment will always stay with me. This precious young man worked so hard, reached his goal, and is continuing to strive to reach his next goals. He was so determined and excited after that moment, I had a completely different student. He not only worked so hard throughout the remainder of the school year, his behavior was fantastic, and he was always looking for fellow peers that could use HIS assistance; it was precious. I was and am still so proud of him.

Your goal when working with kids with dyslexia?

My mission is to meet every child on his/ her instructional level. All children can learn in their own unique ways. My job is to identify the appropriate teaching methodology to fit the specific needs of your child to enable successful skills for life.

Your teaching style, personality?

I try to understand how the child is feeling at this current stage in his/ her academic career. Typically, if it is a lack of self confidence, I will utilize building blocks to get them to the point of success that gives them the confidence and drive to reach one short-term goal after another; we do this as a team – each small success is celebrated and built on to create the next new goal.

Any family details?

I have two precious children – ages 6 and 7. Reading has become a huge part of our lives for enjoyment and for academic purposes.

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