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Jessica Dean

Location: Michigan

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology; Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology)

Years Experience Teaching: 5

Years Experience In Dyslexia: 2

Teaching Experience

Jessica Dean began her professional career as a school-based speech-language pathologist (SLP) in 2017 after graduating with a Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Eastern Michigan University. Her experience includes a range of opportunities for providing therapeutic-level language intervention to students in both in-person and virtual settings, in the age range of preschool through high school, and who have qualified for special education services through the school under a range of eligibilities, including: specific language impairment (SLI; e.g. receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language deficits), cognitive impairment (CI), specific learning disability (SLD), and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In the summer of 2021, Jessica began her career transition from school SLP to dyslexia therapist by initiating her training program in the therapeutic-level structured literacy Basic Language Skills program through Neuhaus Education Center. She now works exclusively with Dyslexia on Demand on a part-time basis, providing both 1:1 therapy-level literacy support to students and administering progress monitoring assessments to Dyslexia on Demand students.

Professional Affiliations

Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA)
American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)
Michigan Speech-Language Hearing Association (MSHA)

Programs Trained In

Basic Language Skills® – Introductory and Advanced Levels
Phonics First® and Structures®
DuBard Association Method® – Introductory Level

Age Range You Feel Most Comfortable With:
Late elementary to high school age students

Why did you decide to become a CALT?

Jessica has always had a passion for reading and language. Once in college for her bachelor’s degree, Jessica began studying and researching the importance of literacy and how it impacts the lives of individuals. Eventually, Jessica decided to focus her passion into a career as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) and pursued her master’s degree in communication sciences and disorders. Even though written language therapy is within the scope of practice for SLPs, Jessica wanted to learn more reading intervention and sought out the path towards specialization. This journey towards specialization began in 2020 when she began working as a tutor in the Phonics First® program. Jessica loved it so much that she decided to begin training to become a Certified Academic Language Therapist and started the program with Neuhaus Education Center in the spring of 2021.

Jessica loves what she does because she believes that everyone has the basic human right to read and to communicate effectively with others. She also strongly believes in the contributing impact that literacy has on the advancement of human society. Jessica is passionate with the process of empowering individuals towards self-advocacy and to acquire the resources they need to live a quality and sustainable life, to learn practical skills, and to ultimately become the protagonists of their own development.

Favorite moment working with dyslexic students?

Jessica loves working with and developing a rich and unique rapport with each one of her students. She loves when her students are engaged and curious learners and watching them experience “a-ha” moments.

Your goal when working with kids with dyslexia?

Jessica loves being able to witness first-hand how improving reading and overall communication helps to develop a student’s self-confidence, allowing them to pursue their own dreams and passions more assertively. Her goal when working with students is for them to feel heard, respected, and supported while they learn how to read and communicate with greater ease.

Your teaching style, personality?

Jessica is a gentle guide throughout the therapeutic process. She strives to be approachable and intentional throughout every lesson, while remaining mindful of the student’s individual needs and accommodating them accordingly through individualized intervention. Jessica values the whole person and a team-approach therapy model as well. She views parents/guardians as important members of the team and demonstrates this via weekly email communication to inform them of their child’s ongoing progress and what they have been learning.

Any family details?

Jessica is a wife and mother of two. She and her family live in Michigan and love its forests, Great Lakes, and four seasons (except the often very cold winters). Jessica loves camping, hiking, playing games, and watching movies and anime with her family. She also loves music, swing dance, and musical theater.

Any extra anecdotal info you want to add?

I am so excited to meet you and your family! I look forward to getting to know you and your student’s unique interests as we work together!

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