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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

Kristin Watson

Location: Amarillo, TX

Education: Bachelors EC-4

Years Experience Teaching: 15

Years Experience In Dyslexia: 3

Teaching Experience

After graduating from West Texas A & M, I begin teaching in Nairobi, Kenya. I taught English to 8th graders. When I came back to the states I taught 1st and 2nd grade in Odessa, Tx. I came back to Amarillo and have taught 4th grade math, 2nd grade and now I am the Dyslexia Therapist.

Professional Affiliations

CALT-Certified Academic Language Therapist-in training (2nd year)

Programs Trained In

Take Fight and BUILD

Age Range You Feel Most Comfortable With:

Why did you decide to become a CALT?

To help students become better readers and equip them with strategies that will help them be successful in all areas!

Favorite moment working with dyslexic students?

When the students become confident in their reading and want to read more!

Your goal when working with kids with dyslexia?

My goal is to help students become confident and reach their potential!

Your teaching style, personality?

Patient, Caring, Energetic, Encouraging

Any family details?

I enjoy spending time with all my nieces and nephews!

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