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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

Rhonda Shipp

Location: Lipan, TX

Education: M.Ed., CALT, LDT, Educational Diagnostician

Years Experience Teaching: 15

Years Experience In Dyslexia: 4

Teaching Experience

I am currently finishing up 15 years in education. I have spent almost all of my career in Special Education in elementary and middle school. The last 4 years have been a mixture of dyslexia and special education classes.

Professional Affiliations

Academic Language Therapy Association
International Dyslexia Association
Association of Texas Professional Educators
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Council for Exceptional Children.

Programs Trained In

Talk Flight
Reading Readiness

Age Range You Feel Most Comfortable With:
I am excited about working with students of all ages.

Why did you decide to become a CALT?

Although I am not dyslexic, I always struggled with school. It became something that I wanted to learn more about so that I could help students who struggle to not struggle. I learned about the Multi-Sensory Reading programs in 2016 and enrolled in a short one week training. In 2019, I learned about the Take Flight program and enrolled. I have not looked back once without thinking why didn’t I find this sooner. I enjoy working with children and helping them learn – especially reading.

Favorite moment working with dyslexic students?

My favorite moments are when they “get it” – that light bulb moment. It is the single most best feeling as a teacher!!

Your goal when working with kids with dyslexia?

My goal when working with students is simply to help them feel better about themself, to feel confident in their skills and strategies, and to move them into being an independent reader (and speller) at their speed.

Your teaching style, personality?

I have always felt that the best way to help a student learn is by getting to know them, building relationships, and adapting to their personalities and how they learn best. That being said, I also believe in structure and procedures that allow for learning and building strategies. It is a balancing act.

Any family details?

I am married, my husband and I have 3 grown children, and 2 grandchildren. We live on a farm and have many animals, only 1 of which is spoiled rotten, our dog Bugzy.

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