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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

Sarah Robinson

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Education: M. Ed., CALT in training

Years Experience Teaching: 10

Years Experience In Dyslexia: 1

Teaching Experience

I began my teaching career as an intervention case worker and quickly transferred to being a Reading Specialist for seventh graders. I have a Bachelor’s in teaching Social Studies, so I taught a couple junior high classes in that subject before transitioning to teaching English and Reading Intervention full time, while earning a second Bachelor’s in English Education. Near the end of my public education career, I spent a year mentoring other educators to improve their reading comprehension instruction. After a few years off, starting my family, I pivoted to private tutoring and became trained as a Certified Academic Language Therapist before deciding to work with Dyslexia on Demand.

Programs Trained In

Take Flight and other non-Dyslexia specific reading intervention programs, more focused on comprehension.

Age Range You Feel Most Comfortable With:
8 and up

Why did you decide to become a CALT?

As a Reading Specialist in public schools for ten years, I saw a great need for phonemic instruction and Dyslexia support. When I began helping my own children learn to read, I saw the differences in learning styles up close, and sought out specific Dyslexia Therapy for my daughter. From there, it was only a matter of weeks before I decided I needed to join the growing number of therapists in helping the kids in our nation gain the skills and confidence necessary to be successful readers and writers.

Favorite moment working with dyslexic students?

I love hearing them subvocalize the principles and strategies they’ve learned, as they work to spell new words.

Your goal when working with kids with dyslexia?

I want kids to see themselves as capable and skilled language scientists. I want them to learn to trust and believe in themselves as someone who can share their voice and exchange ideas through the written word.

Your teaching style, personality?

I am energetic and warm, and like to keep a positive momentum.

Any family details?

My husband and I have two kids, only eight months apart. Our oldest was adopted and the second was a surprise! They are a boy and girl and are different in every way. My girl can’t get enough of dancing and singing and my boy would spend the entire day with his nose in a science book if he could. We live in the city next to a river and love to spend our free time either at the library or exploring nature.

Any extra anecdotal info you want to add?

I spent my childhood moving every couple of years, so I’ve lived in seven different states, one US territory, and two different countries. I’ve always loved meeting new people and making new friends, and prefer to do it in person, but it’s a new world after 2020 and the friends I’ve made online have enriched my life more than I thought possible.

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