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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

What To Expect When You Have The Right Dyslexia Specialists

There are all kinds of individuals who can help a student with dyslexia. From caring parents at home to helpful teachers in the classroom to professional tutors, many different people are willing to help students who may be struggling with dyslexia. However, if your student is in need of more specialized, focused dyslexia help, there is one particular kind of specialist for dyslexia that can help to achieve great results with students; Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALTs) are specially trained, highly qualified specialists who can offer the best kinds of intervention for students. Read on to learn more about what to expect when you have the right dyslexia specialists:

  • Expect experts who are clinically diagnostic and prescriptive. Working with Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALT) entails a detailed and personally tailored process for your student. CALTs will work with students and then review comprehensive evaluation reports as well as academic samples. In addition, CALTs may administer academic skills assessments in order to obtain baseline documentation. Throughout therapy sessions, CALTs gather and use date from student performance, which in turn, informs diagnostic and prescriptive interventions. Altogether, for students this kind of work with Certified Academic Language Therapists creates a high level of accuracy, fluency, and understanding language skills.
  • Expect CALTs who are skilled in multisensory structured language. Multisensory learning can stimulate visual reading and learning. It can also use auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic methods in order to enhance the brain function of students. Certified Academic Language Therapists work to integrate these visual, auditory and motor processing approaches as they encourage students’ explicit understanding of the structure of the English language. This kind of multisensory structured language approach provides students with a solid foundation in written language skills.
  • Expect intensive, tailored therapy sessions for your student. Certified Academic Language Therapists provide expert, skilled one-to-one or small-group intervention. This allows for a great rapport between students and therapists. In addition to this, sessions should be held with high frequency over a long period of time; some dyslexia curriculum programs are about 2 years long. This kind of duration and frequency helps to link explicit understanding, repeated practice and performance to student success. These sessions should also help students develop accurate and fluent reading with comprehension.
  • Expect results-driven work. Certified Academic Language Therapists help students achieve explicit understanding and application of the structure of the English language. This includes focus on phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics and orthography. These skills help create the foundation for oral and written language, including reading accuracy, fluency, comprehension, spelling and written expression. Sessions with dyslexia specialists like CALTs ought to be geared exclusively to each child’s needs.
  • Expect altruism. The dyslexia specialists who work with your student should be working for the right reasons. Specialists know that students, regardless of their personal learning style or academic challenges, all should have an equal opportunity to excel. At Dyslexia on Demand, therapists believe that every child deserves a chance to learn how to be academically successful.
  • Expect a partnership with parents: A solid tutor-student, teacher-student, or therapist-student relationship is important. In addition, parents should be willing and able to partner in the dyslexia tutoring that their student is getting. At Dyslexia on Demand, students and parents are given compensatory strategies to help all students become academically successful. It is essential that parents work to be partners in the remediation of their student’s reading difficulties. Parents are given step-by-step guidance along the way in order to support their student at home. This kind of partnership helps families get the most out of academic language therapy.

Do you have a student who is in need of dyslexia help from a specialist to help alleviate learning struggles? Be sure to focus on getting the best kind of one-on-one help from the best kind of dyslexia specialist. Dyslexia on Demand can help to educate parents and families about the differences between dyslexia tutoring and therapy. Learn more about the professional team of Certified Academic Learning Specialists at Dyslexia on Demand. Reach out to the Dyslexia on Demand team by calling 888-292-3906.

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