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Why Students with Dyslexia Can Struggle with Math

Dyslexia is often associated with difficulty reading, but students with dyslexia often struggle in math…

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5 Ways Dyslexia Can Help Your Child

Dyslexia is often defined in negative terms: a deficit, a disability, a difficult thing. While…

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effective reading strategies for struggling readers

How To Find Effective Reading Strategies For Struggling Readers

According to the Literacy Project, the number of books in a home correlates significantly with…

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dyslexia therapy terms

9 Dyslexia Therapy Terms You Should Know

If you’re diving into the world of dyslexia therapy, you’re about to learn a lot.…

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online dyslexia program

11 FAQs about Online Dyslexia Programs

Finding support for your neurodivergent child can be daunting when you consider the ramifications of…

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11 Dyslexia Treatment Terms You Should Know

As parents and guardians of children with dyslexia begin to contend with the various resources…

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The best way to help a child with dyslexia

Every school year tens of thousands of parents get the news that a school screening…

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