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Online Dyslexia Programs

An Introduction To Online Dyslexia Programs

If you know – or suspect – that your child has dyslexia, it’s important to…

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How Working with A CALT will give you child the best chance at success

How Working With A CALT Will Give Your Child The Best Chance At Success

When it comes to ways to help a student with dyslexia, there are so many…

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Everything Dyslexia Specialists Want High School Seniors to Know About College

Making the leap from high school to college is a big step for any young…

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How Dyslexia Treatment Can Benefit Your Child’s Mental Health

Currently, there is a spotlight on mental health and its importance – and for good…

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The Best Dyslexia Reading Programs Have These Things In Common

One of the most helpful things parents of students with dyslexia can do is seek…

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