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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined

dyslexia therapy

7 Ways Dyslexia Therapy Is Better Than Tutoring

One of the greatest shifts in the world of education might be the way that we see learning differences like dyslexia. People with dyslexia learn and process information differently than typical learners. In recent years, there have been great developments…

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Dyslexia Therapy

The 10-Step Guide To Dyslexia Therapy

Did you know that 20% of the U.S. population is affected by dyslexia? So many children and adults deal with the effects of dyslexia in their daily life—at school, at work, and even reading for daily, leisurely activities. Families and…

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When is RTI Too Much?

As a parent, if you suspect dyslexia, know that you are not at the mercy of the school system to dictate when testing occurs in the Special Education system. It is YOUR RIGHT as a parent to be granted a Full Individual Evaluation and bypass the school’s RTI policy if you have concerns. Instead of allowing your child to “fail further,” we can consider avoiding the RTI steps and move directly into the IQ and specialized reading tests needed for identification. The ability to do so is part of your afforded rights through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The faster we have a dyslexia diagnosis, the faster we can get the needed accommodations in place for success. Of course, if your school does offer appropriate Orton Gillingham, evidence-based instruction, these interventions can also take effect. If not, parents can be ready to locate quality dyslexia therapy such as what is found at Dyslexia On Demand to turn the ship around for their children, both academically and emotionally.
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How to Access Dyslexia Accommodations

Would you ever consider not providing someone in a wheelchair ramp access? Someone with a broken leg crutches? A hearing-impaired individual a translator?  Then why would we ever not provide someone with dyslexia accommodations? Accommodations for anyone with dyslexia should…

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Parent Advocacy During COVID

Unchartered Territory? You can say that again! COVID-19 has thrust a whole new world of setbacks, and possibilities, on our entire nation and this world. As much as we want to find the silver lining of this global pandemic, it…

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What Is Executive Function?

In the great machinery of the mind, there are many cogs and gears that help us complete day to day tasks and be successful people in life. You could say the Executive Function of the brain is like the main…

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