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Why Your Child Should Start The School Year With The Right Dyslexia Specialists

The arrival of fall means that school is in session across the nation. Students of all ages and grades are starting the school year in classrooms, meeting teachers, getting to know new classmates, making friends, and hopefully—getting going on their learning journey. For students with specific learning disabilities like dyslexia, the start of the school year can be overwhelming. There are essays, science worksheets, math problems, reading logs, and even some extracurricular activities. While there are so many benefits to supportive classroom settings and busy campus activities, there can also be some daunting challenges for students who live with a learning disability. When you’re a student who struggles, it can be so hard to stay focused on academic success when there is so much going on. When you are a student with dyslexia (or another specific learning disability), having the right support can make a world of difference in your overall school experience. Read on to learn more about why your child should start the school year with the right dyslexia specialists. 

Get off to a good start. It is so hard for students to play catch-up when they feel they’re falling behind academically. Seek out a specialist who can help your student alleviate that feeling of being behind. At Dyslexia on Demand, dyslexia-based programs are designed to help students succeed as they face academic challenges. Our specialists build dyslexia therapy sessions upon consistent, continual personal progress. Having this kind of personalized support for academic skills can help to keep students on the right track from the start of the school year through the summer. 

Gain important skills. The right dyslexia specialists can equip students with skills that they need in order to operate independently in the classroom. Students need to take responsibility for their learning. The specialists at Dyslexia on Demand do not simply tutor students. Dyslexia therapy can help students to grow in the areas of responsibility, independence, and self-advocacy—essential skills as they advance through classroom learning environments. 

A fresh perspective. Classroom teachers are amazing human beings, and they’re responsible for so much—from behavior management to math, reading comprehension to writing. While there can be some great accommodations and support for students with dyslexia in a regular classroom setting, the one-on-one care from a dyslexia specialist can offer a different perspective of your student as a learner. Sessions with a specialist can allow for a thorough assessment of your student and a fresh look at your student as a learner. Dyslexia on Demand offers individual intervention strategies for the unique dyslexia challenges of each student.

Specialists are special. The right dyslexia specialists will be experienced and educated so that they can help your child to succeed. Dyslexia on Demand uses Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALTs) who are qualified to implement therapeutic grade programs. CALTs are able to provide one-on-one or small group intervention to help students to develop accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. 

Know what you’re working with. The best dyslexia specialists will have a focus on being clinically diagnostic and prescriptive. At Dyslexia on Demand, CALTs review students’ comprehensive evaluations and academic samples. Student performance is key to creating the right program for intervention. 

Not just flashcards. Thankfully, there has been so much research and data studying students with dyslexia. The right dyslexia specialists will help your student with proven programs. At Dyslexia on Demand, we implement Orton-Gillingham based language therapy, therapeutic dyslexia programs, evidence-based literacy instruction, and structured literacy founded in the science of reading.  

Proven programs. It is so important for students with dyslexia to have comprehensive intervention with a good specialist. Dyslexia on Demand’s Take Flight Program includes a 2-year curriculum that is designed for use by CALTs; its aim is to empower students in gaining and maintaining more word recognition, reading fluency, and comprehension. In addition to all of these skills, there is a greater goal to help students to transition from classroom and therapy session settings to learning in the real world. 

Multisensory magic. The right dyslexia specialists will be skilled in helping students with multisensory structured language. Integrating visual, auditory, and motor processing into the learning process helps to engage students and enhance their learning experience. CALTs at Dyslexia on Demand are focused on this kind of multisensory approach. 

Convenient and consistent. Even the best dyslexia specialists may not be worth an out-of-the way drive. Students with dyslexia need consistency and frequency with their academic support. Dyslexia on Demand offers virtual programs for greater accessibility and scheduling flexibility for students and their families. 

Do you need help finding the right dyslexia specialist? All children deserve the chance to become academically successful. Dyslexia on Demand can help to make dyslexia therapy accessible to your student, matching you with a qualified, experienced specialist. Dyslexia therapy offers a holistic approach and solid solutions. Reach out to Dyslexia on Demand at 888-292-3906, or learn more

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