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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined


Educational Therapist

What An Educational Therapist Knows About Your Child

One of the most edifying things to experience as a parent is to have another…

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Dyslexia Treatment

7 FAQs About Dyslexia Treatment

When you become a parent, no one hands you an instruction manual to refer to…

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Best Dyslexia Help

The Step-by-Step Guide To Finding The Best Dyslexia Help

One very cool concept to understand in the field of brain science is the fact…

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Best Dyslexia Specialists

11 Things The Best Dyslexia Specialists Know About Neurodivergent Kids

Neurodivergence has become a more common term in recent years. It’s often used to describe…

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educational therapist

What An Educational Therapist Wishes You Knew About Dyslexia

So often in school settings, a child’s intelligence tends to get boiled down to a…

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Dyslexia Reading Programs

How Parents Can Contribute To Dyslexia Reading Programs

Parenting life can get so busy. There’s sports, school, meals, rides, and so much to…

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Dyslexia Help

The Step-by-Step Guide To Finding Dyslexia Help

Have you embarked on a journey to seek help for dyslexia? There is so much…

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Dyslexia Treatment

What To Do When Your Patients Need Dyslexia Treatment

Primary care providers can be such an important part of patients’ and families’ lives. Whether…

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