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Dyslexia Therapy Reimagined


best dyslexia help

How To Find The Best Dyslexia Help For Your Patients

Pediatricians, neuropsychologists, and doctors play a crucial role in caring for children and families. They…

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7 Key Components of Effective Online Dyslexia Programs

7 Key Components of Effective Online Dyslexia Programs

For parents of children with dyslexia, finding the right educational support can feel like navigating…

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Individuals With Disabilities Education Act

What Every Provider Should Know About The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act

Providers are such an important part of a patient’s whole support system. When it comes…

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Dyslexia Therapy

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Dyslexia Therapy

Approximately 20% of the U.S. population deals with having dyslexia, but this percentage doesn’t include…

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Dyslexia On Demand

What You Should Expect For Your Patients At Dyslexia On Demand

Dyslexia on Demand is changing neural pathways to help change children’s futures. As a service…

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best dyslexia curriculum. 

5 Things That Should Always Be Included In The Best Dyslexia Curriculum

When they’re little, you may read books with your children like “Where the Wild Things…

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schools for dyslexia

How to Find the Best Schools For Dyslexia

When you become a parent, you suddenly have thousands of decisions to make on behalf…

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